Are you a Nerdy 30s Lady?

We are a special, lovely bunch of women. We're in our 30s (give or take a few years), we're generally introverted, and we are all over the nerdy spectrum. Keep track of all the statements below and whether or not they apply to you.

You might be a Nerdy 30s Lady if . . .

  • Liz Lemon is your spirit animal.
  • You own more books than shoes.
  • You have crushed on a fictional character.
  • Your favorite sport is pub trivia.
  • You know the best places for brunch within a 20 mile radius (or you want to be friends with the people who do!).
  • You love museums.
  • You'd rather have 5 close friends than 50 acquaintances.
  • Your favorite people are genuine and thought-provoking.
  • On the Myers-Briggs scale, you're an INFJ, INFP, INTP, or an INTJ.
  • The whole "crazy cat lady" life sounds pretty good, actually (or crazy dog lady).
  • You are prepared to take a side in the Rochester vs. Darcy debate, any time, any place.
  • You have celebrated your pet's birthday.
  • You're sad about the disappearance of Borders and go to Barnes and Noble once in a while just to treat yourself.
  • You know where "treat yoself" comes from.
  • Your dream Friday night involves Netflix, sweatpants, and your pet.
  • You've got a crafty hobby that you wish you did more often (knitting, crocheting, quilting, painting, etc.)
  • Your library card is one of your favorite accessories.
  • You enjoy learning new things.
  • You consider yourself part of a fandom.

How did you do?

0-4 Statements are True

You might be doing more eye-rolling than laughing with us. We are probably too nerdy for you.

5-9 Statements are True

You're going to crack some smiles and make some friends, for sure.

10+ Statements are True

Your future BFFs are waiting! Where have you been all our lives, girl?!