Kansas City

Don't see your city? Start Your Own Chapter!

Nerdy 30s Ladies is looking to expand with sister cities this year! As chapter leader in a sister city, you will--
*Plan, organize, and attend Nerdy 30s Ladies events in your city
*Get a planning guide and plenty of email, phone, and FB time with Brittany in KC to guide and facilitate in making your group the best nerdy lady haven in your city
*Have opportunities to coordinate trips and hangouts with your sisters in KC
*Get some cool perks like free Nerdy 30s merchandise, built-in friends, and more

Members of our Nerdy 30s Ladies network will get access to both local and national Facebook groups for nerd friendships to blossom.

The ideal chapter leader of a sister city is--


*on and familiar with the website and app

*free enough to have time to plan and attend at least 3 events per month
*looking for cool yet nerdy women friends and a sisterhood
*intriguied and interested in the group based on nerdy 30s ladies meetup group description

To learn more and see if this is a good opportunity for you and the nerdy 30s ladies in your city, contact us at In your intial email, please provide the following information--

1. First and Last Name

2. Email address

3. Phone number

4. Your meetup account name as well as the names of any meetup groups you are already organizing or are already in.